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1 Pair of BBQ Grill Hinges .

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Barrel Hinge Machined From  Round Bar. 

Available in small 5/8 inch diameter by 2 inches long

Available in large  3/4 inch diameter by 3 inches long
 Work great on Cooking Area lid or Firebox lid.  These are low profile and look great when painted or powder coated.  Easy to install and line up when welding them on .Can be installed where lid is captured (will not come off)  or uncaptured (can be removed for cleaning or portability)

Buyer pays $3 shipping  in the US  48 States Texas residents pay 8.25 Sales Tax 

 5/8 inch small $13..95 Each  $3 S/H  $2.00  S/H for each additional kit  
  3/4 inch  Large $14..95 Each  $3 S/H  $2.00  S/H for each additional kit